Dolphin Marine Signs


Frequently Asked Questions


This page details some of the most frequently asked questions about our products and services. If you don't find an answer to your question, please contact us.

Design Questions:

Can Marine Signs provide some artwork options for me to choose from?

Yes, using our experience and expertise Marine Signs will work with you in providing an unique computer generated set of designs / renders for you to choose from. To help in the design process why not take a look at our SIGN DESIGN GENERATOR page. Fill out the form with your preferred font choice and, if you wish, attach an image you would like us to incorporate and we'll do the rest.

I already know how I want my sign to look - can I see a mock-up of this on my boat?

Yes with up to date software imaging our design team will prepare a computer generated rendering to visualise your design on your boat in both a day and night format.

Can Marine Signs offer advice regarding the sizing of my yacht sign?

To ensure that you are happy with the sizing for your sign and to confirm that all dimensions are correct prior to construction we will send out a set of sizing templates to offer up as an assurance for final proofing. At this stage sizes can be further adjusted to suit your requirements.

Can I have a mixture of backlight colours?

Yes we are able to incorporate a combination of different backlight colours for your yacht ligh design as well as offer an RGB solution if you simply wish to change your backlight colour to suit your mood.

Can I have a mixture of face materials for my sign?

Yes your sign can be complimented by incorporating a combination of different face plate materials such as Carbon Fibre / Wood / Gold plate or even using an assortment of different coloured plastic tops.

What thickness is stainless steel material available in?

Stainless steel material is available in a thickness range of 1.2mm up to 30mm solid block, however we have some customers who require the depth of their stainless signage up to 80mm. This is also available using a channel letter construction method.

Are you able to backlight my current stainless sign?

Yes we are able to offer an illumination upgrade to your existing stainless sign. We would require your current sign to be sent to us to facilitate this upgrade.

I have somebody else’s yacht sign fitted which is faulty are you able to repair it?

Yes we do offer a repair / renew service for signs not produced by ourselves.

Product Questions:

Are Marine Signs waterproof?

Yes all signs produced by Marine Signs are fully waterproof. All our lighting is IP67 graded using the latest resin filled LED technology. The acrylic we use are UV marine graded to protect against the hazards of the sun and our stainless steel is graded 316L to ensure the highest level of durability. Tinned annealed cabling is also used as it offers a strong corrosive resistance against the marine environment.

What voltage does the sign require?

Using the termination hub provided a Marine Sign is capable of running from a wide power range of 10-33 Volt DC. For the larger vessels or if preferred we are able to supply a worldwide compliant mains (AC) transformer to power from.

Will the sign be stepped off on my boat?

Your sign is stepped off for a combination of reasons, the main one being that it looks so much nicer than if it was fitted directly to the boat. Additionally you will find your sign easier to keep clean as dirt will accumulate if mounted directly onto the hull. Stepping off the sign also helps overcome issues associated with the curvature of your boat.

How long will it take to manufacture my sign?

From receipt of order the lead time for the production of your yacht sign is a maximum of 21 days, however due to our unique in house production capability we are able to deliver your sign in a shorter period if it is an urgent requirement.

What is the guarantee with my sign?

Your Marine Sign is fully guaranteed for a period of 2 years. In the unlikely event of failure we will ensure your sign is repaired and returned to you within 7 days from receipt of your failed unit.

Does my sign require any maintenance?

Due to the high quality of materials used, combined with our unique production techniques, your sign is maintenance free. To clean your sign we would suggest you simply use warm soapy water together with the occasional use of a good metal polish to remove any salt deposits. Avoid using solvents such as acetone & thinners etc as this can cause harm to acrylics. We also recommend you avoid using a jet wash on your sign.

Installation Questions:

How will sign be attached to my boat?

There are currently two methods of fixing available to suit your preferred installation requirement. Both methods have been specifically designed to lower installation fitting times and reduce disruption to a minimum for your boat.

Can I install the sign myself?

Yes all signs are designed with ease of installation in mind. A complete installation kit is provided which includes a set of fitting / drilling templates as well as fixings / sealants to aid an easy installation.

Do you offer a worldwide installation service?

As well as having a network of dealers in different regions globally we also offer our own in-house team of installers who travel globally for a complete installation solution, as required.